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Architecture Services

Blending Form and Function

Our goal with every project is to produce an architectural design that responds perfectly to the needs and culture of our client and the space’s future occupants. Experience has taught us that ongoing conversation, collaboration and thorough research are how we meet that goal.

Our licensed architects are skilled designers, but they are also planners who know that just because a solution is obvious doesn’t mean it’s ideal. By avoiding assumptions and applying diligence we arrive at solutions that optimize land, space and budgets; meet the unique goals and expectations of the building’s users; and contribute to the surrounding community in a positive way.

Architecture is not about walls, windows and finishes. It’s about creating environments that fulfill a purpose.

Fitzpatrick Architects

Interior Design Services

An Integrated Approach

Our on-staff interior designers creating interior spaces that reflect the needs and personality of our clients. With broad experience in space planning and material selection, our interior designers work to transform empty rooms into environments that tell stories about people, brands and cultures. Embracing our firm’s practice of continual communication and collaboration with clients and teammates, we deliver interior solutions that are timeless, as well as flexible and durable.

Fitzpatrick Architects

Master Planning

Projecting the Future

Almost any project, big or small, can benefit from some degree of Masterplanning. Masterplanning is an approach to building or campus planning that utilizes existing facility evaluations, site analysis, feasibility studies, strategic planning, and visioning for short and long-term growth. Whether planning a campus for future buildings or designing buildings for expansions to allow for growing businesses, our team works closely with our clients to create a framework for successful place-making.